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Beavis and Butt-Head Do Equestria ch3 :iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 1 5
Mature content
Beavis and Butt-Head Do Equestria ch2 :iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 2 0
Mature content
Beavis and Butt-Head Do Equestria ch1 :iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 2 0
Eden Under Fire
EDEN Under Fire
By NocturneD
Contribute by E-vay, Divine-Nataku, Garok, and Kyoko
“It’s wonderful mother”, a single tear raced down from the white haired male’s stone cold eyes, “if you could only seen our Eden that brother and I built”. Standing on the highest ledge where the sun foreshadowed the white haired male’s perfect body looking over his accomplishment; a simple village or as he would define it as, “The promise land has been built where as no evil can touch it”.
The village was quite simple as it had houses and huts made out of the finest wood, green grass, growing trees, clean water streams running through it, a circular wall iron wall surrounding it. To protect the gracefulness of the promise land, there had to be rules, the white haired male smiled down at his accomplishment, “Anyone... affected by losing their homes to the Evotion are welcomed...”
Shortly a similar looking male stood next to him but with long dark
:iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 0 16
I realize
Genuke, his full name Gen-Sousuke-Tenguu...
At first, I really never paid much attention to him while we attended the SINN agency academy. From what I could describe about him you might think he's... Not human. Truth is...
I met him when I was still a little girl. My father, Kevin H. Harmicar in his younger days participated in a tournament and got pretty far due to his training that SINN provided and what he learned. I was five at the time and remembered sitting with my mom Kimberley who... had a crush on my dad ever since they were teens but I won't get into that. We watched daddy advanced until he got up to... Someone named Kazuma who happened to be the reigning champion of the tournament circuit. How scary and big he looked.
My dad gave it his all but in the end, he had to lay down and call quits. If he would of went on anymore I'm sure my father would of been flattened to a pancake. But Kazuma stood over him and gave him a friendly hand up, thus I was happy that he didn't do anyth
:iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 0 3
The Formless
When you look at your child...
Or maybe someone else's child...
Do you often wonder...
What they will be like in five years?
Maybe ten or twenty?
That all depends...
You might think I'm crazy...
But I think children are...
Alot like clay...
You mold clay into any shape you want...
Turn a lifeless piece of material into a dog...
Maybe a cat? Or maybe a snake?
Yes... clay and children can be alot alike.
But also so different...
Children are formless from the very beginning...
So is that little child's play thing called play-dough...
Children are formless because they need help to change...
Clay is formless because it needs to change...
But to someone else's enjoyment...
Touching the clay, pulling off a chunk...
Squishing it back together...
Touching a child can be taken in alot of ways...
But in today's term...
Either good touch or bad touch...
A child can be abused...
By being punched...
And the child will feel this...
Clay can be abused...
:iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 0 2
Half Life 2 SMOD pic by NocturneD85 Half Life 2 SMOD pic :iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 1 2
Yumuza Clan
---The Yumuza Clan: Mercenaries for Hire---
By NocturneD85
Artwork by Garok and Sailorchix
Note: This is a report about my villains of the Naruto G series, though I had them planned for my other series but for right now while Naruto is still in the spotlight. This will explain the small things about the group. I will be trying to update this essay from time to time in certain order as far as I know I probably won't complete this entire thing soon, going to take me longer than I thought... Reason why I'm writing this is because I want to educate the members of the Naruto G group about the things in the series so they can have a better understanding...
1. Pre-History (author's notes)
2. The Family
3. The Demon
4. The Sworn Protectors
5. The Extinction
6. The Revival
7. The Mercenaries
8. The Civil War
9. The Fall
10. The Dream That Never Came True
1. Pre-History
About an estimated time of
:iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 2 2
Ghendi Uchiha - Profile
Naruto G: Character Index
Character: Ghendi (Uchiha)
1. Birth Record
2. Personal Profile
3. Abilities/Techniques
4. Ninjitsu--
5. Taijitsu--
6. Genjitsu--
(1)---Birth Record---
Name: Ghendi Uchiha
D.O.B.: October 12, XXXX
T.O.B.: 10:48 A.M.
Sex: Male
P.O.B.: Hidden Leaf Hospital
Birth Register Number: 180-921-443
Legal Parents: Sasuke Uchiha (Father), Hinata Hyuuga-Uchiha (Mother)
Weight: 3 lbs, 4 oz.
(2) Personal Profile
A. Age
-1. Newborn
--a. Beginning of the series (episode 1)
--b. Flashbacks
--c. Prequel series (Naruto D)
-2. Toddler
--a. Episode 1 (beginning)
--b. Flashbacks
-3. Age 6-8
--a. Episode 1 (beginning)
--b. Flashbacks
--c. Prequel series (Naruto D)
-4. Age 12
--a. Episode 1-15
--b. Flashbacks
-5. Age 13-14
--a. Episode 16-Until Time Jump
--b. Flashbacks
-6. Age 16-17
--a. Beginning of Time Jump-End of Series
B. Weight ---
Abilities/Techniques (descriptions)
Note: Ghendi pretty much is a complicated character to know fully because he is a pretty random fighter when
:iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 4 12
My New Car by NocturneD85 My New Car :iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 0 6 Gead 2 by NocturneD85 Gead 2 :iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 0 1 My first deviantart colored by NocturneD85 My first deviantart colored :iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 1 1 my 1st deviantart sketch by NocturneD85 my 1st deviantart sketch :iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 0 0 A Day With Mommy and Daddy by NocturneD85 A Day With Mommy and Daddy :iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 1 4 Gead by NocturneD85 Gead :iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 1 2 The Thin Lined Body by NocturneD85 The Thin Lined Body :iconnocturned85:NocturneD85 1 1


Brittany One Week Later - Part 3 by BoobiesGalore Brittany One Week Later - Part 3 :iconboobiesgalore:BoobiesGalore 182 4 Not Hedorah by TheGmodGirl Not Hedorah :iconthegmodgirl:TheGmodGirl 18 1 A piece for Sonata by Khuzang A piece for Sonata :iconkhuzang:Khuzang 274 25 Mankind, look upon your creation and weep. by IsaacBarnett Mankind, look upon your creation and weep. :iconisaacbarnett:IsaacBarnett 69 6 Cup o Joe by Marauder6272
Mature content
Cup o Joe :iconmarauder6272:Marauder6272 471 44
Godzilla vs Redmoon by Fourgreen Godzilla vs Redmoon :iconfourgreen:Fourgreen 142 52 Go Green by Fourgreen Go Green :iconfourgreen:Fourgreen 214 54 Godzilla by frankhong Godzilla :iconfrankhong:frankhong 674 61 Hinata Selfie: Uncensored by PheromoneQueen
Mature content
Hinata Selfie: Uncensored :iconpheromonequeen:PheromoneQueen 78 0
Shin Godzilla warmup by dylancojiro Shin Godzilla warmup :icondylancojiro:dylancojiro 18 0 doofus mutated walrus beast by dylancojiro doofus mutated walrus beast :icondylancojiro:dylancojiro 8 0 KemoMimiGym Instructors by agawaR KemoMimiGym Instructors :iconagawar:agawaR 1,619 71 Try Harder, Not Smarter by JLTaleon Try Harder, Not Smarter :iconjltaleon:JLTaleon 35 33 GREAT DRAGON COMM Twilight Meets Edward by ShoNuff44 GREAT DRAGON COMM Twilight Meets Edward :iconshonuff44:ShoNuff44 621 59 Slightly Above Average Page 431 by DarkmasterN Slightly Above Average Page 431 :icondarkmastern:DarkmasterN 21 2 Susan's Life - Extra #3 - Merry Christmas! by Auctus177 Susan's Life - Extra #3 - Merry Christmas! :iconauctus177:Auctus177 64 2



United States
To be honest, I joined DA in source of new beginnings and inspiration as only limits me to stories and really half of the people don't seem to care what you say. I try practice on drawing but I just can't seem to make people right. I'll stick to writing, I made a nice load of friends here. Also I'm trying to work on Web designing now to get my career back on track.

Since I'm still writing, I was hoping to advertise my ideal series "SINN X" around here and find some artists to help me bring my creations to life. So far, only my friends are helping out and I'm pretty limited to what I got with writing tools and drawing.

Current Residence: Ohio
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Heavy Rock, J-pop
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: L, Alucard, Belldandy, Konata etc.
Personal Quote: Just because two people are far away doesn't mean they won't eventually come together
My lord it's been how long since I came back to this page? Still using the free deviantart account here. Not really looking to upgrade.

Well first things first. I want to say that, things are pretty much still the same with me. Still working but a little bit more appreciated. A couple weeks ago my younger sister got married to a special guy and my little brother finally got himself a car. So yay to them. I wrote a few stories for the Arthur section, same typical toilet humor but I also wrote for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I enjoyed the show for quite a bit but then now it kind of dwindled my interest because of where it was heading. But it helped renew my interest in writing and got featured twice of FIMfiction for my story "The Vanishing Star". And sadly, my interest in writing for that fandom is dwindling down too. I made some new friends but then again I lost some friends along the way. I was also trying to lose some weight by taking more walks and eat healthier (boy that went south...)

Some bad things did happen over this year like loved ones losing their jobs because their place of employment is trying to save themselves. I had to go to the emergency room a couple months ago for kidney stones. Boy was that scary and painful at the same time. Ever since that day I was trying to keep my body in better shape. I also quit drinking soda. I feel good about it too. I still get some occasional twinges from time to time but they are no where near excruciating.

So... I have some new interests and still trying to get Ghendi and the gang into the spotlight once again through any other media. So far, writing is my only ways of releasing any creativity. But again, it still lacks the kinship and beauty I want to bring to the table. Wished I made some choices years ago but money is really tight around here and no one is really hiring. Car is starting to crap up as usual.

Looking back at what I used to do on this site made me really think. I really had a great imagination, I knew what story I wanted, I knew what characters I wanted to use... best of all... I met people on here who wanted to help me achieve that dream. I know this is long overdue and most of you probably went off to other things... I just wanted to say thank you for helping me paint a world.

So how have all you been?
  • Listening to: P3 Soundtrack, MGS4 Soundtrack
  • Reading: some fanfics
  • Watching: Godzilla, Horror Theater
  • Playing: GTA4, Alone in the Dark, Rainbow Six Vegas 2
  • Eating: junk food
  • Drinking: bunch of cokes (i should stop though)


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