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To be honest, I joined DA in source of new beginnings and inspiration as only limits me to stories and really half of the people don't seem to care what you say. I try practice on drawing but I just can't seem to make people right. I'll stick to writing, I made a nice load of friends here. Also I'm trying to work on Web designing now to get my career back on track.

Since I'm still writing, I was hoping to advertise my ideal series "SINN X" around here and find some artists to help me bring my creations to life. So far, only my friends are helping out and I'm pretty limited to what I got with writing tools and drawing.

Current Residence: Ohio
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Heavy Rock, J-pop
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: L, Alucard, Belldandy, Konata etc.
Personal Quote: Just because two people are far away doesn't mean they won't eventually come together
Folks, have you ever seen a long message thread of people posting arguments and debates over something so simple it turned into a full blown war zone? Well, I've wandered through the wasteland of something that could of been a peaceful topic but something went wrong and few people couldn't agree then started throwing so called facts at each other. So maybe around a full page or two, I've seen these kinds of posters and they somewhat annoy me but other times don't. I'm not sure what they call it but I'm calling it "White Knight", so here is how I can describe them to you. In a flood of arguments you'll see this poster trying to calm things down as he/she can either post something "show stopping" or absolutely no help at all.

What I mean by show stopping is something that helps but you don't get a lot of these but I will say its someone who had enough of the topics crap to finally butt in and try to calm the storm by taking the argument down a notch. This rarely happens as I see the topic still continues and the White Knight can defend his ground with his own valid points until there is nothing to argue about until the topic reaches the limits of posts. The other, is just someone is sick and tired of seeing the post, has their heart in the right place and just posts, "Come on guys stop arguing, blah blah blah." See that doesn't help and more likely no one is even going to take it serious because you offered nothing to the table except seemingly whine "STOP IT". That's not going to work, so unless you bring something to the table no one is going to take you seriously. I tried this a couple times and pretty much got over shadowed. That or you get your comment thrown back at you and told either let the big boys play this one or your opinion doesn't matter.

I had this happen a lot of times where this one guy who keeps knocking on Resident Evil 4 every freaking chance he gets in a Resident Evil board, DUDE WE GET IT SHUT UP! As for me, I like Resident Evil 4 and others too, *puts on shades* DEAL WITH IT! As for the latest craze of My Little Pony, yes... yes people I know, a show for girls but I have a good reason for watching it but it would take too long to explain. But for right now, I look at their fandom and getting ready to call it quits at times. Hey I quit Naruto, this shouldn't be hard. >_> trust me, the fanart can be scary at times.
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: P3 Soundtrack, MGS4 Soundtrack
  • Reading: some fanfics
  • Watching: Godzilla, Horror Theater
  • Playing: GTA4, Alone in the Dark, Rainbow Six Vegas 2
  • Eating: junk food
  • Drinking: bunch of cokes (i should stop though)

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